About Us

Since they were young, twin brothers Rajeev & Sanjeev Bathija had similar interests as most twins would; but the one interest they had the most connection with was holding a camera in their hands and capturing moments, photography then became a passion both brothers shared. The idea of capturing the right moment at the right time, building memories for others and most of all making an impression were a few things out of the many that made the two brothers work hard and pursue their dreams. 


While their travels around the country and the world, Rajeev & Sanjeev particularly developed a taste to explore and learn more about cultures and traditions and what better way to do it than to attend weddings. India being so multi cultural and diverse, the twins got an opportunity to not only achieve their dreams but also experience culture and tradition. In the early 2000s their interest drove them to start Mohan Labs, a Wedding Photography Studio and since then they have been part of hundreds of weddings. With keen attention to detail, shooting with the latest devices, and with grave technical knowledge, the Bathija brothers promise to deliver the best there is and will only make your wedding more eventful. 


The Wedding Saga covered my wedding reception and gave me the most beautiful cherished moments of my life through their photography!

Their pictures have a soul in them.

And they do their work with huge passion.

CE TV / Radio Host / Emcee / Film Critic